GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefits-BuffieTheBody-SebastianMikael ft Wale "LastNight" | GetAtMe |

Hook: Sebastian Mikael]
I can't lie, when I
Watch my baby.
Her lip gloss pop, just came from the spot
Hair done too,
But girl that was four shots ago,
Now you can't believe,
That you didn't feel me,
Cause you wasn't sayin' that last night.

[Verse 2: Sebastian Mikael]
Girl, I swear to God,
People pay for a smile likes yours,
And I'm loving it, cheaa (and I'm loving it, I'm loving it)
Girl, I swear to God,
They'll pay for ass like yours if it wasn't there, yeah, yeah.
(and I'm rubbing it, I'm rubbing it)