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Scooped by Reginald Shipman!

Ashanti "You never shouldh've left me, you never shouldh've loved me"

Ashanti "You never shouldh've left me, you never shouldh've loved me" | GetAtMe |
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Scooped by Reginald Shipman!

GetAtMe:InDaMixxxArtist-Ashanti - "Never Should Have"

Music video by Ashanti performing Never Should Have. 2013 Written Entertainment, LLC & Entertainment One U.S., LP


Man ya'll know how I love a great song and this is a great song.  I always say it starts with a great song.  Ms Ashanti is back and she got someone to get her a great R&B song (I guess everyone don't get their boyfriends cousin Ralph to do their beat.  Ciara need to really take note on this about getting the great song).

This song has Pop radio written all over it and it's demo friendly with both main set of the females demo (teen females and young females).  This is a good song.  Urban radio and Pop radio will like this song.  Ashanti, I think you have a great song.  here's the stats.


THE TRACK- 5($$$$$)  It's been a long time since I've such a nice Babyface type of track

THE PERFORMANCE- 5($$$$$) Ashanti delivers on this song that sounds like it was crafted for Toni Braxton.  She really elevated on this song.

MUSCLE- 3($$$) This is not a street song but it has the potential of being a great online success

JUICE- 3($$$) it's going to beinteresting to see what urban radio does with this great song.  We'll see.

TIMING- 3($$$)  This is a great comeback record for Ashanti.

THE SONG- 5($$$$$) This is a well written and well crafted song.  Great choice of a record.

TOTAL SCORE: 24pts out of 30 (grade B+)


Streets- 2($$), Clubs- 1($), Mixtapes- 1($), Radio- 3($$$), Retail-2($$)

TOTAL: 9PTS out of 25 (grade D+)

Even though I love this song, it's really going to have an uphill battle.


Teen Females- 3($$$), Teen Males- 1($), Young Female- 4($$$$), Young Males- 2($$)

TOTAL: !0 pts out of 20 (Grade C+) 



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