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K Michelle is a talent.  K Michelle is passionate.  K Michelle is a lightening rod for people who don't like people who rock the boat.  Now let's be fair.  We only have bits and peices to the story but this is what we do have.  A picture of abuse, a budget that the money dissapeared and at some point the taxes might have to be accounted for.  And a young lady with an abundance of talent who people are really having a hard time understanding her angst (for the record I do).

Noone know what happen between K Michelle and that dude but K Michelle and that dude and karma seem to be in full force so let's let karma do it's thing.

Why I'm writing today is because I have never seen this amount of disdain for someone who said she was abused.  I've even heard some say that she's deserved it with all that mouth (really?).  Is it possible that some folkes don't like this girl because she doesn't define herself as the quiet good black.  I mean I really haven't seen cause for everyone disdain.

The music business is tough.  It's full of Gangsters, con artist and dreamers all vying for power and acces to a honey pot when an artist is successful.  The almighty budget sometimes might be a better score than if the artist had really sold product.  

Some feel that K Michelle lives by the sword so there fore she deserves the blunt of the sword it swing back in her direction .  Most of the people who complain about K Michelle would stomp out someone who they felt had abused their sibling (even if it was an accusation.  I know I did that when someone who was close to me was was attacked by some clown.  I didn't care why he did it, he did it so he had to face the sword.

so let's be fair to K Michelle and let's try to stay focused on her talent and what she has to offer as an entertainer,  because I know, If I felt someone had skipped of fwith about $500,000.00 of the budget  (alledgedly)money that was supposed to fund my dream and beat me up also, We all probably wouldn't have taken that well either.

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