GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefits-AbellaAnderson- "I Luv This Shit" August Alsina ft Trinadad James | GetAtMe |

It's 2 o’clock and I'm faded
This kush feeling amazing
Got a voice mail on my phone
From a lil breezy feeling X-rated
She told a nigga she hurting
I'm in the car and I'm swerving
I walked into her bedroom
I put it down that's certain
Man I stay on that Ciroc
Man I stay taking shots
Man your girl be on my jock

[Bridge: August Alsina]
Maybe because I'm everything your not
See I ain't no bitch nigga no rich nigga
No snitch nigga Ima real nigga that's real nigga
I'm just trying to chill cause
I'm way too drunk to be talking like this
I'm way too high to be tripping like this
I'm way too young to be living like this
Ask me why I do it?
I’ma put it like this
God Damn i