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Man the question is.... Can Kendrick do anything wrong right now?  Thsi cut with 50 is hot.  The beats in pocket and as it rises through the ranks of radio it's gaining momentum.  So here's the stats

Review stats

*The Track-4($$$$)  *The Performance 5($$$$$)  *Muscle- 3($$$)  *Juice- 3($$$)  *Timing- 2($$)  *The Song- 3($$$)

Total: 20 poits out of 30.

The track is cool but 50 and Kendrick brings the magic on this.   Kendrick and 50 give their usual riding performance on this track.  50 has the muscle to make this happen so we'll see.  The juice that 50 and Kendrick have together is massive so it's just a matter of implementation.  The timing for this song is cool because everyones in love with Kendrick and folkes really want a 50 hit.  The song is cool so let's see where it goes.


Market Stats:

*TheStreets- 3($$$)  *The Clubs- 2($$)  *TheMixtapes 2($$)  *Retail- 1($)  *Radio- 2($$)

Total- 10 points out of 25

The streets are going to be cool with this joint and the clubs will let it be what it is.  The mixtapes will add and with momentum they will support.  Retail, both of these guys have strong fan bases so the sales will be based on their market execution.  Radio will give it a few weeks and if it take they'll support it.


Demo Stats

YF(12-17)- 2($$)  *YM(12-17)- 1($)  *YF(18-24)- 2($$) *YM(18-24)- 2($$)

Total- 7 points out of 20

Young females will be in a wait and see model, They love Kendrick but it's by a song to song basis and 50 is on a hit by hit bases.  Young male (oh well), this might have a little to serious.  Young females will like the two stars together.  This song will gain momemtum if the Young females show up.  Young males will follow the Young Women on this one.


total: Review 20, Market 10, Demo 7,

total 37 out of 75 points