Streets CAN BE Public Spaces Too: Connectivity at our Public Spaces | Gestion des services aux usagers |

A street shouldn't just be about transportation, but also about civic definition and social and commercial interaction.


There is no better place to start using land more efficiently than with our streets, our most plentiful and visible parts of the urban commons. The recent "complete streets" movement has made a terrific contribution to getting our streets right, by insisting that they be designed so as to accommodate all users.

Connectivity is hugely important to a sustainable street network to encourage walking and shorten driving trips by making destinations more convenient. The pedestrian experience should be safe and enjoyable, and should be so perceived.


Other design elements to help turn streets into worthy places are:

Sidewalks with real curbs;On-street parking ;Street trees;Storefronts with elements that shelter pedestrians such as awnings, arcades, and colonnades;Buildings with windows and "other signs of human occupancy such as porches and balconies" for "eyes on the street";Design appropriate to safe motor vehicle speeds.

Via Lauren Moss, association concert urbain