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Geography in the classroom
Resources to support the NSW secondary Geography curriculum
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IFAD: Who we are

IFAD: Who we are | Geography in the classroom |

"IFAD is dedicated to eradicating rural poverty in developing countries. Seventy-five per cent of the world's poorest people - 1.4 billion women, children and men - live in rural areas and depend on agriculture and related activities for their livelihoods." Check out the "Topics" tab.

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Agriculture and Rural Development Day UN Climate Talks

Agriculture and Rural Development Day UN Climate Talks | Geography in the classroom |
Farmers are at the forefront of dealing with climate change around the world. How are they coping, and what opportunities do the shifts present?


An excellent set resources discussing the plight of farmers various regional and ecological situations.  From the famers in Mozambique impacted by unreliable rainfall to Guyana farmers at risk from rising sea fells, climate change is impacting the most vulnerable (and the least responsible) the hardest.  

Via Seth Dixon
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