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The distribution of wealth in America

The distribution of wealth in America | Geography Education |

More than 50 percent of ZIP Codes in the United States have an above average percentage of households living at or below the poverty line.  What are the spatial factors that lead to a concentration of wealth in particular places?  What economic, political and cultural factors play a role in the process of places amassing more wealth or of creating persistant poverty? 

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Anhony DeSimone's curator insight, December 18, 2013 10:33 PM

The maps in this article indicate where the wealth is and is staying through out the United States. In some regions or areas of the United States have more wealth than others. The States or areas that are at the poverty level or sub par to the rich areas are higher in percentage. this occurs for many reasons, but one reason is evident that the wealth of a nation tends to stay in one area until another area becomes more wealthy.

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