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Tornado Satellite Imagery: Before and After

Tornado Satellite Imagery: Before and After | Geography Education |
Compare before and after satellite images of tornado damage in Alabama.


This is an older image from the Tuscaloosa tornado (April 2011) but still a powerful representation of natural disasters and their impact of both the environment as well as urban systems.   Using current geospatial technologies in the classroom helps to solidify the idea that geography is much more than "just capitals and landforms" in a student's mind. 

Amanda Morgan's curator insight, September 18, 2014 1:06 PM

This certainly adds to the concept that geography is much more than capitals and landforms. Geography of a certain area can change someone's entire life, as seen for people who live in the tornado region. Natural disasters have a huge impact on the lives of many as we can see through the recent disasters the US has faced.  Geography not only helps to define these regions but how to detect the disasters and how to recover and collect data from them.

Tanya Townsend's curator insight, September 11, 9:23 PM

This interactive map gives you really clear insight into the damage a tornado can do. I found it amazing how clearly you could trace exactly where the tornado touched down and traveled. I had always imagined that their winds alone would just wipe out the whole town. While I am sure other structures in the area had impacted damage to, I was amazed at the difference in damage, between where it had traveled and the surrounding areas. There is a clear line of absolute complete destruction and just some damage. It looks like the tornado literally ripped up the ground wherever it touched...very neat. 

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