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Exploring Languages: Gullah Net

Exploring Languages: Gullah Net | Geography Education |
Explore Gullah culture in South Carolina with Aunt Pearlie-Sue.


The audio component is the most crucial part of this site, since it allows students to hear Gullah being spoken for a language unit.  Is Gullah a separate language from English?  Is it a dialect, accent or pidgin?   

Lisa Fonseca's comment, October 25, 2011 8:48 PM
I dont know how I feel about this website. I feel as though the way Aunt Pearlie Sue is speaking or this Gullah language is just a accent. Although this accent is prejudging that, that is how down in South Carolina they speak but, doesn't every state have its own accent? For example Rhode Islands accent of words such as car, park where we don't pronounce the letter endings.
Seth Dixon's comment, October 28, 2011 2:19 PM
It most certainly is at least an accent, but I'd argue that it is also a distinct dialect for English. The words, sentence structure and pronunciation are distinct and the vocabulary is born out a cultural experience that evokes a greater difference from "standard English" that the Rhode Island "bubbler" for "wicked smart" kids.
Are regional dialects a hinderance economically? Should we culturally seek to preserve them?
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