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No Babies? - Declining Population in Europe

No Babies? - Declining Population in Europe | Geography Education |
Birthrates across the Continent are falling at drastic and, to many, alarming rates. Why are Europeans so hesitant to have children, and what does it mean for their future and for ours?


Nice piece that show work well for understanding the demographic transition, which links population growth rates with levels of human development.

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Unit 2

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11 billion people projection for the future but a decline in population in Europe? How? What factors altered this? Why? 

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This article discusses the population decrease in Southern Italy. The small city called Laviano is now deserted because of the extremely low birth rate. Rocco Falivena, the major, says that he proposed a system to get women to produce more babies. Pregnant women will receive 10,000 euros over the years if they produce a baby. Even with this system the population remains to be decreasing. 

The dramatic decrease of this small city will have huge economic consequences. This city is an example of the opposite that is happening globally and proves that the world needs a stable population and not a population decline. 

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