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Nicaragua unveils major canal route

Nicaragua unveils major canal route | Geography Education |

"The Nicaraguan government and the company behind plans to build a canal linking the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean have settled on a route."

Seth Dixon's insight:

A Chinese firm (HKND) is planning to construct a canal to rival Panama's.  I've been following this issue as I prepared to co-author an article  for Maps 101 with Julie Dixon and it is clearly a major environmental issue.  However, this issue is much more geographic than just the angle; China and Nicaragua are vying for greater control and access to the shipping lanes that dominate the global economy and international trade.  This shows that they are each attempting to bolster their regional and international impact compared to their rivals (the United States for China and Panama for Nicaragua).   

Tags: transportation, Nicaragua, globalization, diffusion, industry, economic.

Jared Medeiros's curator insight, February 11, 10:25 PM

Im sure that they believe that building this canal will take the country out of its financial disaster.  Even at the expense of not having clean drinking water, they must have thought about other alternatives to help the inhabitants of Nicaragua deal with the canals arrival.  With the country being poor already, this has to be worth the risk to help bring the country and its people out of poverty.  Hopefully this doesnt only make a few people rich and leave the rest of the country in shambles.

Kristin Mandsager San Bento's curator insight, March 5, 2:09 PM

This is a very ambitious project for Nicaragua.  I wonder what this will do to the economy of Panama City?  Someone will lower the fee to use their canal for the increase in traffic.  I wonder what will happen to both areas economically.  

Lorraine Chaffer's curator insight, April 5, 9:19 PM

Human activities change landforms and landscapes

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The human causes and effects of landscape degradation (ACHGK051)

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Chapter 5: Humans value, change and protect landscapes

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