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Visualizing Time and Space

Visualizing Time and Space | Geography Education |
Seth Dixon's insight:

The question, "what time is it?" does not have one right answer.  The correct answer is dependent on your location on the Earth and the cultural and political conventions of the society in which live.  Don't mistake a cartoon for a map without substance.

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sriddle geo's curator insight, July 24, 9:04 AM

Once again the educator in me is at work.  My little girl is asking me all the time , "If it's day here is it night on the other side of the world?"  Now I can show her.

Cory Erlandson's curator insight, July 24, 9:48 AM

Great spatial representation of time and time zones, which is a weirdly fascinating topic for my students.

MsPerry's curator insight, August 12, 7:00 PM


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