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The Way Forward in Ukraine

The Way Forward in Ukraine | Geography Education |

"During the meeting in Geneva, the participants agreed on initial concrete steps to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine and restore security for all citizens.  In a joint press availability with European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton, Secretary Kerry outlined several of these initial steps."

Seth Dixon's insight:

Geography is never a completed story; the world is in a constant state of becoming.  The geography of a place and region are only glimpses from one historical vantage point as Russia and Ukraine are demonstrating now.  The Head of NATO is saying that Ukraine is not the only part of Putin’s geopolitical ambitions and other experts are describing the current situation as a new Cold War.  Collectively this means that diplomats and government officials everywhere are seeking solutions to stabilize Ukraine and the region.  NATO has expanded into what was once the Soviet Union’s buffer zone as a resurgent Russia is now prepared to exert more regional influence.  As Russia has confirmed moving troops closer to Eastern Europe, many are suggesting a stronger NATO presence on the eastern border of NATO to counter Russia’s moves.    

Question to Ponder: What do you think the United States (or any other country) should or shouldn't do in this region? 

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