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Culture Ministry Affirms 'Russia is not Europe'

Culture Ministry Affirms 'Russia is not Europe' | Geography Education |

"A state commission working on a much-discussed report titled 'Foundations of State Cultural Politics' will release their findings in two weeks, presidential advisor Vladimir Tolstoi announced last week, adding that the basic formula of the report could be summarized as 'Russia is not Europe.'"

Seth Dixon's insight:

At times Russia has sought to be perceived as a part of Europe only to be excluded in the minds (and institutions) of Western Europe.  Now, in a discursive way to protect itself, it is reaffirming and building a cultural buffer zone between Europe and Russia.  What are the borders of Europe as you think of it?  Can world regions change over time?  Any examples of regions having their borders redrawn?  

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Jared Medeiros's curator insight, March 9, 5:57 PM

This makes Russia seem like little whining babies, crying because of what other peoples perceptions may or may not be pertaining to their geography.  Do they really think that if they are looked at as European, than people will think they are the same as French people, or if they are considered an Asian country that they will be confused with China? These people are idiots and should be more concerned with their perception around the world as assholes! 

Jacob Conklin's curator insight, May 6, 3:27 PM

Russia has always been the red headed stepchild of Europe (Get it? Red headed....USSR....Communism? Im so freakin funny); not quite European, not quite Asian. Russia has been caught in the middle, not belonging to anyone. Russia, in its history, has tried to westernize under Catherine the Great and other rulers during the Russian Enlightenment period. Russians abandoned their traditional dress and trademark hats in favor of a more western style of dress. Eventually, with the introduction of Lenin, Stalin, and other radical not-all-there leaders, westernization fell and Russia diverged from Europe. This divergence is still seen today with Putin affirming that Russia is not a part of Europe.  

Rachel Phillips's curator insight, May 7, 3:06 PM

I wasn't even really aware that Russia had ever wanted to seem like part of Europe, or that people saw it as part of Europe.  I've always seen Russia as it's own place, because it is.  It is not in Europe, it just borders Europe.  I understand how there is a misconception because most people don't see it as part of Asia either, because it seems much different than other countries in Asia.  However, it should be recognized as it's own place, and not as part of Europe.

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