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Where Each City's Uninsured Live

Where Each City's Uninsured Live | Geography Education |
Insured people are all alike, but uninsured people are uninsured for their own reasons.

It can be tempting to think of 'the uninsured' as the poorest of the poor. But that's not entirely the case. While people living below the poverty line are the most likely to be without health insurance, 28 percent of people who make between 100 and 200 percent of poverty level (up to about $23,340) lack coverage, as do 15 percent of those who make between 200 and 400 percent (up to about $46,700).

These maps, created by Kevin Johnson and used here with permission, show where people not covered by either private or public insurance live in each city. Johnson used the 2012 American Community Survey; higher uninsured rates are represented by red and orange colors.

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