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An Atlas of Poverty

An Atlas of Poverty | Geography Education |
We think we know what poverty looks like. But how do we accurately account for it? How do we know where to look?

Poverty maps are one place to begin. Technological advances of the past decade—the increased capability to both collect and process improved data—make it possible to reveal the face of the poor in finer detail than ever before. By translating data into the visual accessibility of a map, we can locate poverty more precisely, understand its sources more comprehensively—and attack it more effectively. Such maps can even be used to monitor the results of anti-poverty efforts. Poverty maps can be part of a strong, new foundation for building and tailoring policies and programs, to reach those people that will benefit the most.
Nancy Watson's curator insight, March 9, 8:27 PM

This is very revealing

Sieg Holle's curator insight, March 10, 9:10 PM

solutions anyone......

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