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West warns Russia amid Crimea threat

West warns Russia amid Crimea threat | Geography Education |

"Western nations have called on Russia to ease tensions in Ukraine's Crimea region after armed men seized the local parliament and raised the Russian flag."

Nathan Chasse's curator insight, March 1, 12:17 AM

This article is about the rising tension in the Crimean region of Ukraine. There is a strong pro-Russian sentiment among many in this region and the recent ousting of Russia-friendly Viktor Yanukovych has caused unrest in Crimea. The former president of Ukraine was removed due to protest of his refusal to partner with European Union. These events highlight the lasting effects of the Soviet Union on Ukraine and the division it has caused in the country.

Stephen Zimmett's curator insight, March 4, 1:59 PM

I've been watching this inernest. I doubt that Russia will invade any further.


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