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Violence escalates in divided Venezuela

Violence escalates in divided Venezuela | Geography Education |
CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan security forces and demonstrators faced off in streets blocked by burning barricades in several cities on Thursday in an escalation of protests against President Nicolas
Seth Dixon's insight:

As the protests and political violence in Venezuela escalate, it is important to understand the economic roots of the widespread discontent within this South American country.   As prominent pop culture figures are among the fatalities and the wounded, outrage grows.  Last month, the government overhauled its currency system that ignores many of the real problems of many Venezuelans; food is increasingly hard to come and that desperation feeds into more criminal behavior and social unrest. Many students have taken to the streets to protest the deteriorating economic situation, the government's economic policies and the social conditions.

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Amy Marques's curator insight, April 24, 10:23 AM

I think it is important that the majority of the protesters against government are students. They want Maduro to resign from power and they blame his government for the violent crime, high inflation, product shortages and repression of opponents. Those who are fighting for  their rights say the police response to the uprisings has been excessive, and some detainees say they were tortured. I can’t help but think of what was going on the U.S. in the 1960's with the student activism against the Vietnam War and against the Nixon Presidency. Eventually, the U.S had to listen to its people. If Venezuela’s government doesn't listen soon, they could have a serious case on their hands.

Nicole Kearsch's curator insight, October 14, 11:24 AM

Venezuelan people are not happy with the socialist government that is taking place in their country.  Violent protests are being held in the streets hoping for some sort of change.  These protests are causing some major problems as well.  With the protests wreaking havoc in the streets, businesses are choosing not to open up for business, causing a greater negative impact on the economy.  Also the fact that news stations are not broadcasting any reliable information about what is going on with the protests is turning people to social media.  This can be a good thing until the information presented becomes unreliable because of people providing falsified information as well as images.  If the government would listen to the people to find out what they want maybe something could work out to stop the violence, arrests and injuries that are occurring as a result of these protests. 

Edelin Espino's curator insight, November 17, 1:55 PM

I think that Maduro should relinquish power and let the people choose their own leader. Continuing with such an absurd dictatorship is not good for anybody, especially an economy of third world that needs the support of other countries for sustain. It's sad to see people fighting for their rights and being attacked by their own advocates.

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