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An astonishing, dangerous cold snap is about to descend on the U.S.

An astonishing, dangerous cold snap is about to descend on the U.S. | Geography Education |
Some of the coldest air in years, if not decades, is poised to pour into the U.S., with mind-boggling low temperatures.
Seth Dixon's insight:

Why is it going to be so cold in much of the Northeartern part of the United States?  Physical geography, that's why. 

Bonnie Bracey Sutton's comment, January 30, 7:19 PM
well I am in Russia with a fellow American from Wisconsin. This stuff only makes the CNN news here. Our news has going from news to entertainment. The inverted V and really interesting topics are hard to locate.. you do have to curate and collect your sources.
Tracy Galvin's curator insight, February 4, 2:58 PM

What struck me the most about this is how much of it is what "might" happen versus what has happened. The news is no longer a reporting of events that have already taken place. Maybe because we have access to news every minute of every day, the newscasters have to fill that time with something in order to compete. So now the news is all about what 'could' happen, what 'did' happen and 'why we were all wrong' reporting. I think it leads to a lot of skepticism on the validity of news reports that did not exist when they stuck to just reporting what has actually happened in the world.

Jess Deady's curator insight, April 16, 10:56 AM

I live in New England. I am used to weather that is "mind-boggling". However, this polar vortex looks insane! Weather this cold is going to go down in the history books and people better prepare themselves for it. Weather Forecasters haven't seen any temperature this low in decades.

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