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Eastern and Western Europe divided over gay marriage, homosexuality

Eastern and Western Europe divided over gay marriage, homosexuality | Geography Education |
Recent developments in Croatia and Scotland highlight a stark divide between Eastern and Western Europe on the topic of same-sex marriage.
Seth Dixon's insight:

Regions are fluid constructs that we use to think about places.  The region that we think of today as "Latin America" would not have been a discrete region 600 years ago since historical events have shaped the geographic evolution of the attributes of the region and the borders of world regions will continue to be redrawn.  Some have recently argued that since the end of the Cold War, the monikers Eastern and Western Europe are less meaningful in an economic context.   This map shows this old division can still be seen in this cultural/political context.  Some have argued that Russia's recent move against gay rights is a geopolitical strategy to differentiate themselves from the West. 

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Joseph Thacker 's curator insight, March 25, 1:40 PM

It appears Western and Eastern Europeans are still different in one way or another. Some countries that are closer to Russia share similar views with one another, such as an opposition towards gay marriage.  It seems as you travel further west towards areas such as the UK and France, views on the subject of gay marriage are different.   

Tracy Galvin's curator insight, May 1, 3:09 PM

It seems that the countries with higher GDPs and better standards of living are also least likely to have a problem with homosexuality. Norway, Sweden and Finland are among the top ten countries on the quality of life list and they are in full support.

Jess Deady's curator insight, May 4, 9:58 AM

Gay marriage and the issue of homosexuality is all over the world. In Europe is seems to be pretty divided among "people who think gays should lead their own life" and those who oppose that thought. People are influenced by everything in their lives. They are influenced by the culture around them, their community and environment and the people they come in contact with.

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