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The Shinn Study Abroad Committee is dedicated to giving students at Rhode Island College opportunities to make the world their campus. This is a program designed to globalize the educational experiences here at my school by allowing students to study abroad. I have worked on this committee the last 3 years and wholeheartedly support this program; when I was going to school, help from programs such as this one allowed me to complete my research and internationalize my own educational experience. On November 15th, 2013, we will hold a raffle ($5 per ticket, $20 for a book of 5) to raise funds for this worthy goal.

If anyone wishes, you may also choose to donate to help sustain the webpages that I manage.  The first one is Geography Education on and the second one is  These sites do incur some costs (URL, hosting fees, etc.) and I would like for the activity to at least pay for itself. If you feel this site's has helped you out, I'd appreciate it if you'd consider returning the favor.

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Its splendid :)
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Geography Education
Global news with a spatial perspective:  Interesting, current supplemental materials for geography teachers and students.
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