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The Hottest Day On Record ... In Siberia?

The Hottest Day On Record ... In Siberia? | Geography Education |
Did the Arctic region break a heat record?
Seth Dixon's insight:

The Siberian Times is reporting a record heatwave for towns such as Norilsk that are both North of the Artic Circle and built on permafrost.  While on the global scale the climatic shifts are quite alarming, there are many in Siberia that see global warming as a mixed bag.  In what some would have you believe is an unrelated news item, the North Pole is experiencing the formation of large meltwater ponds

Tags: physical, weather and climate, Arctic, climate change.

Lauren Jacquez's curator insight, July 28, 2013 4:25 PM

Global is supposed to be a cold dark place...according to my Dad!

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