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How To Say 'Beer' Everywhere In Europe

How To Say 'Beer' Everywhere In Europe | Geography Education |
Edelin Espino's curator insight, December 5, 11:46 AM

Well pivo sounds funny, and Cervesa sound classy. I wonder how you say "Cwrw". Maybe: " See-warwar". It's funny.

Jennifer Brown's curator insight, December 8, 1:51 PM

Good to know!  It's also cool to see that in different neighboring countries that the word for beer doesn't change that much, maybe a vowel or two.

Alyssa Dorr's curator insight, December 17, 7:13 PM

This map tells us all the different ways that people say the word "beer" in Europe. All the light brown regions call it beer or bier. The dark brown calls it ale and the yellow regions call it pivo. Black regions have other untitled names for beer and the oranges regions refer to beer as cerveza. According to the map, a majority of Europe uses the words pivo and beer/bier. Only a few countries use the world cervaza, which is interesting to me because this word was relatively familiar to me.

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