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Not All English is the Same

Not All English is the Same | Geography Education |
"22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other"
Seth Dixon's insight:

An isogloss is a line that divides regions based on the words that are used to describe the same item or concept.  This series of 22 maps is a delicious way to visualize some of the lingusitic differences in the United States.  Why are these distinct vocabulary terms regionally used? 

Notice that this map shows that Rhode Island and Wisconsin are distinct in using the term "bubbler" where there rest of the country would refer to the same object as a drinking fountain (West) or a water fountain (South).

Tags: language, North America, mapping, regions.

Giselle Figueroa's curator insight, September 10, 3:21 PM

Is very funny how Americans speak English differently from each other living in the same country.

Amanda Morgan's curator insight, September 18, 12:41 PM

As someone from RI, whenever I travel I always hear something about either my accent or my pronunciation of certain words. These maps and their trends were interesting to observe. I was surprised to see that crawfish was so different across the map.

Alec Castagno's curator insight, September 25, 12:50 PM

This series of maps shows the small regional differences across the US, highlighting small cultural differences that are often overlooked. The maps show the regional boundaries for language and how it generally follows the different cultural regions of the country instead of state by state. The majority of the west usually uses the same word, while the south and northeast of the country often have their own way of saying things. After viewing the maps it's easy to see that the south tends to be the most different, using its own word or pronunciation that is different from the rest of the country.

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