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Houston Is Unstoppable: Why Texas' Juggernaut Is America's #1 Job Creator

Houston Is Unstoppable: Why Texas' Juggernaut Is America's #1 Job Creator | Geography Education |
Houston is blessed by topography and geography. But the city's recent success is really a masterclass in learning from history.
Seth Dixon's insight:

In this article from the Atlantic, Derek Thompson says that Houston combines some great advantages (1-stength in energy resources and 2-proximity to Latin America) to be the U.S. metropolitan region that has grown the most since the recession.

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Alyssa Dorr's curator insight, December 16, 2014 10:47 PM

Houston is blessed by geography. But the city's success is based on learning from history. Houston, Texas is unstoppable. According to the article, it "dominated the recession and crushed the recovery." Houston is the largest city in Texas and with that, they take the top spot as the most powerful job engine in the country. The ten largest metros in the United States have recovered ninety-eight percent of jobs lost during the recession. However, Houston is the first major city to regain all the jobs that were lost. In addition to this, they have added two jobs for every one job that was lost. This is because they have great, abundant land. Also, when previously stated that they learned by history, this really translates to that they learned form past mistakes. Texas recession was not as bad because they had learned from their past mistakes. Texas beat the recession not only because of the jobs that were created, but also because of the jobs that were hoarded, particularly in energy.

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