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The Geography of Afghanistan

The Geography of Afghanistan | Geography Education |

"Students are introduced to the physical and human features of Afghanistan."

Seth Dixon's insight:

This tremendous set of resources is the result of a partnership between The Choices Program (housed at Brown University) and National Geographic Education.  This link takes you to a portal with lesson plans, videos, maps, student worksheets, etc.  These are some of the materials that form the core of the Choices Program Summer Institute that focuses on the United States' involvement in Afghanistan.  

Tags: Afghanistan, politicalculture, Central Asia, National Geographic.

Jess Deady's curator insight, May 4, 10:06 AM

Afganistan is a place of current war and people just trying to live their lives. Beyond what is heard in the U.S. media, Afghani's are people too and their features are not so different from America.

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