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Favela Images

Favela Images | Geography Education |
I love these favela images by Fernando Alan.
Seth Dixon's insight:

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Hector Alonzo's curator insight, October 24, 2014 9:29 PM

These images of the Favelas in Brazil are absolutely amazing. Not only does it show the poor urban parts of the city are, but just how hard it is to live in these areas, as well as, the clustered so many houses are. The largest picture shown seems like a painting and not a picture, which makes the pictures more fascinating to look at.

Edgar Manasseh Jr.'s curator insight, February 14, 7:53 PM

Favelas are very important part of Brazil because it shows what culture Brazil identify. Ideologically Brazil is known as a beautiful place with beautiful beaches and beautiful people and world wide known soccer location. Favelas are having trouble with urban planners, and mudslides so its very difficult to live up on a mountain for free without consequences but that's whom Brazilians are as they show that without the government not helping them out they will strive to do whats best for not only themselves but their families.

Rachel Phillips's curator insight, May 7, 1:28 PM

This reminds me of seeing an aerial view of the suburbs, except low class.  It's row after row of houses that look pretty much the same, all small and box like.  In America, we don't see anything like this.  Even our poor neighborhoods aren't set up like this.  It's very cramped, and some of these houses look like they are falling apart, like the wind could blow them over.  You really can't even see streets, which makes me wonder what it's really like to live there, and how they manage to fit all those people so close together.

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