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Favela Images

Favela Images | Geography Education |
I love these favela images by Fernando Alan.
Seth Dixon's insight:

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Ashley Raposo's curator insight, December 18, 2013 9:11 PM

beautiful from an putside perspective, but it's terrifying to me how close and cramped those houses are, how far up steep mountains they are. It reflects to horrible poverty going on in Brasil today.

Amy Marques's curator insight, February 13, 4:47 PM

These images are great in showing the true nature of the favelas. They really show you that these communities are more than just something like south side Providence, these are huge communities. These pictures really put into perspective how big the favelas are and how they really are built on top of each other.

Jess Deady's curator insight, February 20, 3:18 PM

Favelas are the slums. These pictures depict exactly how living in these cities is. CRAMMED. OVERCROWDED. It is insane to look at how people literally live on top of each other, then we have other spaces such as farmlands that have nothing around them for miles. The amount of poverty this favela is suffering from is located within each picture. These people don't usually leave, instead they build up and up. You can see how some of the houses are multiple levels, whereas others are the single story.

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