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Esri Story Map Treasure Hunt

Esri Story Map Treasure Hunt | Geography Education |

Although these were designed specifically for GIS day during Geography Awareness Week, these 2 excellent map-based treasure hunts from ESRI are great any time of year.  The answer to the question will only pop up in you are zoomed in the the right region (SHIFT + Make a box = Zoom to area).  These links will take you to the World Cities quiz and also to the Mountains quiz.

David Lizotte's curator insight, January 22, 6:40 PM

So this is how you scoop? Neat.

Edgar Manasseh Jr.'s curator insight, January 22, 6:46 PM

Very Nice.

Brian Wilk's curator insight, March 10, 6:58 PM

These quizzes/maps are entertaining and fun, with the benefit of a geography education all wrapped up in a neat easy to use interactive tool. I learn information from this site because it is so fun and easy to navigate. I encourage everyone to take a peek, test your knowledge against these quizzes and see how you fare. You can't lose; if you don't know the answer, you will find it in the quiz.


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