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Will Puerto Rico Be America’s 51st State?

Will Puerto Rico Be America’s 51st State? | Geography Education |
Millions of American citizens on the island have spoken. Now, Washington must act.

After the Nov. 6th referendum, the question of Puerto Rico's political status vis-a-vis the United States for the future is actually murkier than it was before.  The Puerto Rican voters have spoken, but the meanings of the plebiscite results are still being debated. 

Jessica Martel's curator insight, April 25, 2013 6:02 PM

Puerto Rico is often forgotten about even though it is apart of the united states one way or another. "If if were a beachouse it would get more attention". This man is right unfortunatly, perhaps the nation doesnt spend much time thinking about the territory. But couldnt one assume that the island would enjoy that more, they feel more independent no?

Elizabeth Bitgood's curator insight, February 6, 8:19 AM

I agree with the author of this piece.  Americas ignore Porto Rico and just pretend it isn’t there.  As a Territory of the United States, it should be of more interest to us.  Those hold over from out colonial past needs to be dealt with and the people of Puerto Rico need to be given a choice of statehood or some other option that will work for them.  Puerto Rico has been a part of America for over a hundred years and it should not be kept in a a state of limbo.

Jess Deady's curator insight, April 24, 1:48 PM

Puerto Rico as the U.S's 51st state? Why not? Puerto Rico is already a huge tourist state. The money that can be made off Puerto Rico can highly benefit the U.S. Puerto Rico will also be under U.S. government and have to literally provide money to the whole country. Puerto Rico could also benefit financially, politically and have even greater recognition.

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