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Campaign 2012: Ohio turns blue

Campaign 2012: Ohio turns blue | Geography Education |

“It should have been a good year for the Republicans,” said Beckwith. “You have an incumbent president who is not doing well. The economy is bad. But Romney’s own mistakes have undermined his claim that he understands the voters …"


 DB: In this election both presidential candidates are attempting to appeal to the heritage, identity and community of the “American” people, leaning strongly towards middle and working class citizens who been hit hard the past decade by the countries economic downturn. States, especial during national elections can become highly symbolic of certain issues prevalent within America society. For example in the state of Ohio, the decline of manifesting jobs has become quite symbolic of the plight that is happening to hard working-class citizens across the country, particular the struggle of the American auto-industry. Ohio in many ways has become the electoral jewel of the Midwest serving as the political battleground in which both Democrats and Republicans alike are fighting for at all levels of government. The main reason why spectators believe that Ohio is gradually swinging towards Obama is Romney’s failure to connect with them. Despite all his campaign contributions a growing number of voters believe Romney does not share their identity or interest making him an outsider as they increasingly gravitate towards Obama. Furthermore, Romney seems unable to shed his identity as a wealthy businessman or "1%"er who represents corporate America. During different times in history states take on certain identities that may symbolize the agenda of specific groups within American society. The 2012 election has become highly symbolic of the economic uncertainty of the times we live in and the political competition between how it should be resolved.  So, what impact do you think Ohio will have on the upcoming election in November?


How can things like heritage, identity and community effect what a state or any other territory around the globe symbolize? Is the symbolism embedded in these areas continuous throughout history, inconstantly reinterpreted by different groups or both?

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