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Mass Sacrifice Found Near Aztec Temple

Mass Sacrifice Found Near Aztec Temple | Geography Education |

Below street level in Mexico City, archaeologists have found a jumble of bones dating to the 1480s.

In the 1970s, construction workers unearthed numerous archaeological finds as the subway was being constructed.  The Mexican government decided to clear the several block of old colonial buildings to reveal the Templo Mayor, the ancient Aztec religious center.  Not coincidentally, the Spaniards built their religious center in the same place.  During the colonial era, the indigenous residents who spoke Spanish in Mexico City still referred to this portion of the city as la pirámide.  Today more finds such as this one are continuing to help us piece together the past of this immensely rich, multi-layered place filled with symbolic value. 

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Jess Deady's curator insight, April 17, 4:09 PM

It is not uncommon to find bones underneath rubble and construction sites. To find this amount of ancient bones and bodies underneath that whole place is quite absurd. Now that this has been exposed and people are aware of it, government has cleared the block and revealed the temple.

Amanda Morgan's curator insight, September 28, 6:11 PM

This article contributes to how unique geography is to a location.  The remains of the Aztecs shows the rich history that is found int that location.  

Kaitlin Young's curator insight, September 29, 12:32 PM

I find it fascinating that even today, we are able to unearth mysteries in some of our more developed cities. Places can be multi-layered and can tell more stories than just what lies on the surface. The fact that this site has been the location for multiple spiritual centers is both bizarre and magical in a sense, and makes you wonder if there is some unknown reason as to why that first Aztec temple for erected there first. 

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