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Infographic: Palestinian homes demolished

Infographic: Palestinian homes demolished | Geography Education |
Report by an Israeli non-governmental organisation says 2011 was a record year for Palestinian displacement.


This infographic comes from the group Visualizing Palestine. This corresponds with the UN's recent statement that Gaza 'will not be liveable by 2020' given Israeli policies.

Nic Hardisty's comment, September 4, 2012 12:16 PM
What a powerful infographic. To think that the international community (in large part) has idly watched 160,000 Palestinians become homeless, with little more than a few harsh words, is staggering. While these displacement policies are not exclusive to Israel, Israel does stand as the most public modern example of this. This problem transcends race, ethnicity, culture, or religion- it is simply one group dominating and subjugating another, and these actions should be recognized and condemned by global community.
Shanelle Zaino's curator insight, November 20, 2014 1:28 PM

This was a very informative article on this very complicated issue. There is no question that for decades there has been and continues to be  tensions in this area. For years this piece of land (with the land mass of the state of New Jersey) has been occupied with such instability,that a common name can not even be agreed upon. In this area not only are there spatial issues differing religions are alsoto be factored in.With such close proximity to one another this group of very different people have no shortage of issues to fight about( often phisically). What is especially enjoyable about this piece was the imagry that was used to accompany this article; thought provoking. I had known this act of Palestinian exhile was happening in this region, however the pictograph was able to place it in visual perspective.Thousands upon ,thousands of people being forced to leave their home is unimaginable. Although as with any topic I try to not just create my thoughts based on one single chart,I always like to see the other side as well. In reading this article questions were prompted to me. Why were these people being removed from their homes? Where they living there legally? Who in this area is to determine what is illegal and what is not? Are there unfair biases at play here ? What needs to be done to ensure peace if not civility? The answers to these questions may be far off however the importance for peace is as neccisary as ever.

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