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Mexico's Drug Wars - Photo Essays

Mexico's Drug Wars - Photo Essays | Geography Education |
Photographer Anthony Suau documents the surging influence of the drug cartels in Northern Mexico and the efforts by police to maintain law and order...


The issus connected to drug trafficking are intense in Mexico for a variety of geogaphic factors.  This is not something we typically see as a part of the the new global economy, but it certainly has been connected to the processes of globalization.  Visit this topic on for more sources on the Mexican Drug Trade.

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Kim Vignale's comment, August 12, 2012 2:06 PM
The Mexican drug trade is a serious and dangerous issue that is happening today. This project shed light on how dangerous it is. I realize that even the important officials are bribed by the drug dealers so nobody can be trusted. It is scary that the drug runs are done by young innocent people. Unfortunately, many people die if they speak up for what is right.
Lauren Stahowiak's curator insight, February 4, 12:37 PM

Anthony Suau photographs images that tell a thousand words of the drug wars and its influences. Drug trafficking is a major issue in Mexico and due to this, govenment has increased its actions, prostitution has increased as well as the death rate. It is one thing to read about these incidents, but it is another to see them. Military search through bags and pull people thrown into canals out.

Jessica Rieman's curator insight, February 4, 12:39 PM

This picture depicts the drug trade and how well it is or isnt regulated. Many officials are nervous about the drug trafficing and do not feel confident in enforcing the laws against drug cartel and drug trafficing. This photography depicts the efforts ofd the police to maintain order.

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