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Drought Worsens in Midwest

Drought Worsens in Midwest | Geography Education |

"The worst drought in 50 years has intensified across the US midwest, not only condemning this year's corn crop but threatening the prospects for next year's too, new figures showed on Thursday."


The current drought in the Midwest is having a much greater impact than making residents hot and uncomfortable. Farmland prices were on the rise, and the market was acting on the assumption that of good years with bountiful harvests.  As a breadbasket, the drought in deepening fears of a global food crisis and greatly impacting food production with economic, energy (ethanol) and political ramifications.  See this article for more on the environmental problems from drought, especially wildfires.  

Seth D.'s comment, September 4, 2012 8:15 AM
This article about the drought in the Midwest is interesting. The reason why is because the Midwest is where the farmers grow their crops especially corn, carrots, etc. Most of the products we buy at the grocery store involves corn like cornbread mix, different kinds of meats like steaks, roast round of beef, etc. Ever since the drought began, it began drying up the crops in the Midwest including corn and the farmers can feed their farm animals like cows and chickens. As a result of this drought, not only that we're going to see less corn at the grocery store but we're going to see higher prices for almost every product in grocery stores across the country that has corn and corn syrup as an ingredient like soda, cornbread mix, etc. Not only this is an environmental issue but it's also an economic issue. But, since Hurricane or Tropical Storm Isaac brought torential rain to the drought areas in the Midwest even thought it's too late for the farmers this year but hopefully it will set up the farmers for next year crop for corn and if everything goes well, we will see prices drop for food at grocery stoes across the country.
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