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Drought impacting Agriculture & Economy

Drought impacting Agriculture & Economy | Geography Education |

"Citing higher cheese prices, Colbert states it plainly:..."


Although in America today only about 2% of the workforce is involved in agriculture, crop cultivation is still tightly integrated within our economy affecting a much wider range of people and industries.  According to the US Department of Agriculture we our currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in our nation’s history rivaling the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. On a national scale, prices in gas, meat, dairy and other products that depend on crops will likely increase. However, since the U.S is a major producer of crops such as wheat and corn, the global economic consequences of this will be felt around the world. How will an increase in food prices effect people in countries were a quarter or more of their income goes towards groceries? How will a decreasing agricultural yield effect economic and political stability around the world?  This is a humorous look at a very serious problem. 

Roland Trudeau Jr.'s comment, July 30, 2012 11:48 AM
With fuel already a huge issue, now we will have the added costs of water shortage on our hands. It's an unfortunate deal, but cost is always passed on to the consumer. You can see it in many products today, smaller portion yet higher price. It shall be the same with anything in those regions effected by the drought.
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