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Ignite Education: On Demand Learning

Ignite Education: On Demand Learning | Geography Education |

"I want to contrast this 'on demand' learning from typical classroom learning...below are three examples of how an educator might include 'on demand' learning within a geography or GIS course." 


In this article (from a excellent geography/GIS education blog), the three main ways to use on-demand learning are: 1) Project-based work, 2) Flipped Classroom and 3) Creating a Learning Resource.  All three are designed to use technology within the classroom (with geographic content especially). 

Lisa Fonseca's comment, August 27, 2012 11:05 AM
I found this article interesting because, I think with technology changing so drastically that it is important students are taught in multiple ways. The use of textbooks recently has seemed to become less and less of an option. Today we are seeing students use online resources and more hands on experiences. Which, overall I think is the best way for students to learn.
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