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What is it like in Syria?

This video documents what it want like in the Syrian cities of Homs after brutal governmental crackdowns during the summer of 2012.  Warning: this is a real portrayal of war.  For more context on the video, see:

Giselle Figueroa's curator insight, October 6, 2014 9:34 PM

The image that we can see in this video are very shocking .I never imagined that the situation in Syria was so terrible. In one part of the video you can clearly hear an explosion for me apparently is a bomb I'm not sure. Is Sad to see all those houses destroyed, maybe those house belonged to a families , maybe in those families were children , now I was asking myself, what happen with those person? I think that maybe these person recorded this video to let the world know what really is going on  in Syria, that maybe the news on TV doesn't show to us. Later in the video we can heard detonations, which I think are the shots from firearms. Then you can see a man on a stretcher, he was being transferred to a hospital because apparently he is hurt. I hope this situation will end someday.

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