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The Geographic Impacts of Fathers

The Geographic Impacts of Fathers | Geography Education |

"The social-science evidence is in: though it may benefit the adults involved, the dissolution of intact two-parent families is harmful to large numbers of children."


On this Father's Day, I'm thinking about the sociological importance of fathers and my gratitude for my father (an educator who instilled in me the desire to teach).  Although this article is quite dated and was politically charged with a controversial title at the time, "Dan Quayle was Right," many of the main points still hold today.  The article points to solid social science evidence as to the importance of fathers within society.  Conversely, fatherlessness also has major (negative) impacts society as well.  

Don Brown Jr's comment, July 13, 2012 9:51 PM
Culture and location may play a greater role in this issue than the article suggest as urbanized societies tend to high a higher divorce rate than rural ones. Education, living standard and opportunity are not distributed equally in this country (or anywhere else) and to make the argument that increased broken families and the loaded “lack of values” theory is the main cause behind raising social problems can be a bit misleading, as it excludes environmental factors. However, I do agree that fathers can have a positive impact on their childs development.
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