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Ethnicity and Religion: A Case Study

Ethnicity and Religion: A Case Study | Geography Education |
In a nation of 230 million people, 700 languages and some 300 ethnicities, ethnic Chinese are one of Indonesia’s historic minorities.


Religion and ethnicity are often connected, but not always.  This case study of such a group, the Chinese Muslims of Indonesia, provide an interesting glimpse into the economic, historic and political patterns of these cultural groups that are parts of communal identities.  

WalkerKyleForrest's curator insight, April 8, 6:42 AM

This article explains the connection between someones ethnicity and someones religion. This connection may not always be as closely linked as youd think. FORREST

Lona Pradeep Parad's curator insight, May 29, 8:40 AM

Pie charts to display ethnicity, religion, and population across the world,

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