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Images of Earth From Above

Images of Earth From Above | Geography Education |
Yesterday was Earth Day, a time set aside to increase awareness of the natural environment and the impact of our collective actions...


This is a gorgeous set of 39 images that are all view the Earth and captures images for above.  These aerial photography and remote sensing images focus of a wide range of topics such as the cultural landscape, the environment, earth science, cultural ecology and urban systems.   The photo above is of Mont-Saint-Michel, a tourist attraction and UNESCO world heritage site in northwestern France that is the world's premier example of the tombolo landform.

Via M. Roman
Paige T's comment, August 28, 2012 2:55 PM
Its interesting how patterns in this world repeat themselves, whether in nature or man-made objects. The pictures of the shanty town in Venezuela and the floating ice sheets in Germany are similar in their layers, overlapping, and repetitiveness.
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