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Why are terrorists attacking tourists?

Why are terrorists attacking tourists? | Geography Education |
(eTN) - The headline news in eTN about the takeover of Timbuktu by Islamists compels tourism stakeholders to think sincerely why such events are happening at the map of tourism?

With the rebels, including Islamist factions preaching Sharia of ...


Tourism, with it's elements of geographical voyeurism, can be seen as a potent symbol of what many extremists are trying to eliminate.  Also, it gets international attention in a hurry. 

Kim Vignale's comment, July 16, 2012 10:17 PM
Terrorists may be attacking tourists because they are trying to send a message to the general public. There is no other way they relay the message so they use violent acts to get attention. During 9/11, terrorists were willing to give up their lives in the name of power and religion. Other forms of terrorism is drug smuggling across the borders; not only is it illegal but many lives are endangered. Drug cartels would pay innocent people to smuggle drugs in and in some cases these people do not know what are in the packages.
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