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Containerization Shaped Globalization

"Sometimes a single unlikely idea can have massive impact across the world. Sir Harold Evans, the author of They Made America, describes how frustration drove..."

Seth Dixon's insight:

The economies of scale that globalization depends on, relies on logistics and transportation networks that can handle this high-volume.  In a word, the container, as mundane as it may seem, facilitated the era within which we live today.  This is a very useful video.  

Tony Hall's curator insight, October 19, 9:05 AM

I loved watching this because I had no idea about how this happened. Perfect for the Globalisation topic in Higher Level IB Geography. Definitely showing it tomorrow!

Shanelle Zaino's curator insight, October 29, 3:16 PM

This is a very interesting short movie about globalization.What a great example of necessity being the mother of invention. Young truck driver Malcolm McLean sat in frustration as he watched cargo being painstakingly removed from trailers and placed on cargo ships. This process had been for decades the only way. It was in this frustration that Malcolm believed there had to be a better method.Malcolm stopped to think and created the idea of placing whole trailers or cargo containers  on to ships ,saving up to 8 days on each delivery. Malcolm revolutionized the shipping industry and helped to create the massive transportation network we have today. As consumers we owe a great deal to this man and his "thinking outside the box" or should I say container.

Kaitlin Young's curator insight, Today, 1:58 PM

This video proves how a simple idea has the potential to change the world. The truck driver had the insight to notice when the current shipping system was not particularly effective and had the ingenuity to do something about it. Because of this man, containerization was allowed to change how goods could move around the world. As goods move, they also spread different cultures through food, ideas, technology, and beliefs. Without this process, globalization would not be at the level that it exists at today. . 

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