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Why more Mexicans are staying home

Tiny Tamaula is the new face of rural Mexico: Villagers are home again as the illegal immigration boom drops to net zero. Full story on http:/...


Contrary to popular opinion, illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States is not really a problem in 2012.  As conditions on both sides of the border have changed, this gives a glimpse into the life choices of Mexican villagers.  For more on this issue see the complete article at: ;

Michelle Carvajal's comment, September 20, 2012 4:18 PM
I agree with what you say about the video Elizabeth. I feel like people are unaware of the patterns now in immigration of people back to their native lands. Sadly our economy has forced people to go back wherever they may be from. Can you imagine what would happen if the economy got better and they would try to get back in?
Ashley Raposo's curator insight, December 18, 2013 11:46 PM

This short video shows the new era of less and less Mexicans illegally going to the USA. The Mexicans now staying at home find opportunities aren't found in the US anymore. The people seem happier to be with their families and raising their children in the Mexican identity.

Cam E's curator insight, February 4, 11:55 AM

I enjoy stories like this, because it demonstrates people willing to fight for their home. Many interesting ideas lie behind stories such as this one, but what I find especially intriguing is the dynamics of money in relation to these small rural villages. Money and "income" drives our current economic positions, but there are some places which were left behind and have none of the jobs we in the first world would traditionally think of. They had to either subside off their own products through farming, or trade their livelyhood for a small amount of money. Put simply, money is necessary for a so called "modern" existence, but not necessary for survival. These villagers are working for their own future in their home country now though, while it may not be necessarily profitable in the short term, it will pay off for their children in the long term.

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