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Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees | Geography Education |
Syrians by the thousands are fleeing the violence in their home country and seeking refuge in neighboring countries.


Demographics and Politics: This photo essay is a varied glimpse into the refugee camps that have emerged from the Syrian uprisings against the Assad regime.  How are politics and migration connected?  Can you think of other examples where we see similar patterns? 

Felix Ramos Jr.'s curator insight, March 19, 10:32 AM

These photos are extremely telling.  What strikes me are the pictures of many of the children.  Most of them have smiles on their faces and look genuinely happy just like any other child, even though their situations are horrific.  I applaud the Turkish government for not turning them away and at least coming up with a temporary solution.

One could say that we have a similar situation going on at our Mexican border.  What is even more problematic is that many people in America feel that we should not only offer no help but we should do our best to drive these innocent people away.  I know it's not an exact comparison but look at these photos from the Turkey/Syria border and if you can say you feel no need to give a helping hand to someone due to their "alien" status, then I would have to say that you are not a human being.

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