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NYTimes Video: Linking Gaza to the Outside World

NYTimes Video: Linking Gaza to the Outside World | Geography Education |
A look inside the controversial underground tunnels that link Egypt and the Gaza Strip, where smugglers funnel fuel, food, and potentially weapons into the isolated territory.


This video is a look inside the some of the hundreds of tunnels that are used to smuggle goods into Gaza that have become more intensely used since the blockade on goods that went into effect in 2007 when Hamas came to power.  Also, members of the Israeli military demonstrate the evidence they have that these tunnels are being used to bring weapons. 

Shanelle Zaino's curator insight, December 7, 2014 9:21 PM

This is a powerful look at the existence and creation of underground tunnels connecting Egypt to Gaza.People that are employed to dig these holes face certain danger.During 2009 ,20 Palestinians died during air raids intended to eliminate the tunnels. For only $12.00 a day during a harsh economy,many people still seek this as an option for income. With unemployment in Gaza is at 50% many people are willing to face this danger. As a result of these tunneling systems much of the economy in Gaza has come to depend heavily on the act of smuggling.


Another reason these tunnels are under major scrutiny can be seen in their potential. Not only can food,animals and consumer goods be brought through this passage weapons could be as well. According to many people this is the governments way of justifying air raids. Smugglers state that they are not moving weapons or anything else of ill intent.The government is just upset that they were able to connect Gaza and Egypt right under their noses.

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