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The Russian Cross

The Russian Cross | Geography Education |

The economic and social turmoil after the fall of the Soviet Union was profound enough to be seen in the demographic statistics.  Birth rates dropped as the death rates went up.  Typically when birth rates drop it is presented as an indicator of social development, but it clearly is not in this instance.  What explains these statistics?  

Jacob Crowell's curator insight, October 15, 3:15 PM

This shows how negative problems in Russia, like Alcoholism, suicide, crime, job loss etc negatively effect population growth. The Russian Cross shows how birthrates and death rates inverted during the collapse of communism. It looks to be stabilizing but this graph reflects how population geography can indicate societal characteristics.

Shanelle Zaino's curator insight, October 15, 10:37 PM

There is a proliphic correlation between the fall of the Soviet Union and the population rate in Russia. Sometimes it takes statistical images to get a particular message across. With a decrease in male life expectancy,increase in alcoholism as well as an increase in suicide and crime is it is apparent the fall of the "Iron curtain" had an extensive shock wave. In a country with a small population in comparison to it's size this is a astronomical decline.

James Hobson's curator insight, October 20, 9:30 PM

(Russia topic 4)

The "Russian Cross" refers to the point at which Russia's population began to shrink. The number of births 'crossed' beneath the number of deaths occurring in a given period of time. Coinciding with the USSR's collapse, this decline in population hinted at a tougher future for the nation. More elderly and fewer young signify a greater dependency upon those who work, causing more of an economic strain. Ironically, this seems to echo the effects of the American 'baby boomers' as they have been approaching retiring age now. Though other factors are certainly involved, it is interesting to note how different situations as these can have such similar outcomes.

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