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USA National Gas Price Map

USA National Gas Price Map | Geography Education |

This visualization of gas prices by county in the United States is timely as high gas prices are not only impacting pocketbooks, but are also becoming political taking points for presidential candidates and this issue may drive policy.  This shows the regional variations in prices (so sorry to my California friends), but it is a great launching point for asking the questions: why are the prices for a certain commodity higher in one region than another?  What factors lead to the spatial differences in the relative economic value in one region over another?  Supply and demand works beautifully on a two-axis graph, but supply and demand happen somewhere, giving a simple chart added complexity since it's spatially contingent and we must make the assumption and caveat explicit.  

Dale Fraza's comment, February 27, 2012 3:22 PM
In an ideal world, gas prices would be $5 a gallon nationwide-with that extra $1.50 going to finding a reasonably priced alternative to oil-run vehicles.
Brittany Ortiz's curator insight, September 29, 2014 4:32 PM

This map is so interested to see! It's interesting to see how the gas prices differ from one region to the other. In the mid-west the gas sees to be awfully lower than the west. Why? Maybe because in the mid-west most families still grow there own crops and don't need to take as many trips to a grocery store than most people in the world. As California, there is obviously a big difference than other states. There also is splash of red in New York, which then we could all say both California and New York are the most popular; with there cities and fame, it is clear why then maybe the gas prices are higher there.

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