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The relative merits of Corn Ethanol

The relative merits of Corn Ethanol | Geography Education |

This PBS video segment (2009) is dated, but the issues remain relevant.  Brazil has implemented the first sustainable biofuel economy in the world with their copious amounts of sugar that are converted to ethanol.  Is this a model for the future or just something that would only work in places with the right geographic qualities?  Besides being a topic where the concepts of scale and region matter, the energy, economy environment and geopolitics all play a role in shaping the debate. 

Jacob Crowell's curator insight, October 20, 2014 1:25 PM

Its a fact that we need to move towards alternative energy sources. To do so many countries have to evaluate what resources they have that can help provide energy for their population. In Brazil, they have used their physical geography to their advantage and have made a very sustainable biofuel. But this kind of fuel is not as cheap for other countries than it is for Brazil. I think it is important to note how Brazil is using its resource advantages to find a way to produce fuel. In the US we need to find a way to use our geography to overcome reliance on foreign oil. 

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