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Mexican Cartels not just a Border Problem

Police in Mexico arrested a man they say is one of the country's largest methamphetamine producers. The arrest comes as Mexican drug gangs are moving aggressively to try to dominate methamphetamine markets not just in the U.S.


The drug issue is often described as a border problem and though that one little line was the only space necessary for understanding the problems.  This podcast highlights how many places are a part of the networks at play in this complex economic geography that causes political, demographic and cultural strife on both sides of the border.  

Jessica Rieman's curator insight, February 4, 2014 12:54 PM

Mexican Drug cartels used to be just a border problem that needed to be addressed and now it;s not the only problem that the United States has to worry about. Mexican cartels have transfered into the economic demography and contributed into the border problem as a whole and have changed the US control.  

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